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Carnivale Redux

A Carnivale rewatch project

The Carnivale rewatch project
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A rewatch project for the HBO cult series Carnivàle

This is a rewatch community for the HBO cult series Carnivàle, created in the spirit of similar projects like lost_redux.

Carnivàle is an outstanding piece of television that came to an untimely end due to relatively low ratings and definitely poor choices on HBO's part - and ironically, since its cancellation, this show has been gaining new viewers steadfastly. carnivale_redux is here for all those who already know the show and for the newcomers as well, hoping to provide new elements of discussion and to give those who have known the series from dvds the thrill of the weekly episodes :-)

It's very simple: once a week, we will discuss an episode of Carnivàle, starting from the pilot, sharing our impressions, theories and thoughts about it. Some guidelines will be posted, but spontaneous digressions are encouraged! Add your personal point of view and share it with the others, discovering new layers to this wonderful story.

1) Politeness first! Be nice to each other even when your opinions differ.

2) This community is made for discussion, so please no pointless character bashing. Explain, elaborate, digress! That's why we are here!

3) SPOILER TAGS. This is very important, as Carnivàle constantly gains new viewers through dvds and word of mouth. It would be awesome if some newcomer would join the discussion and give a fresh point of view! But to prevent them from being spoiled, please add "SPOILER" to the subject line of your comment if you're going to refer to later episodes in the series.

4) Not everyone is Carny-savvy. Some have just seen the series as it is and don't know about Dan Knauf's plans for the later seasons, so that would require a spoiler tag too. To those willing to know what we've missed with Carnivàle's cancellation, I suggest to join CarnivaleHBO at Yahoo! Groups: there are a lot of exclusive documents stored there and it's not unusual to see Dan Knauf himself posting there.

5) Have fun! :-)


If you have any problem/question, feel free to contact your friendly neighborhood mod sending a personal message to matitablu or an email to la[dot]poggy[at]gmail[dot]com.